Our Mission

We believe that Feasting as a Community is an essential part of human flourishing.

To support our mission of feasting, we develop and follow regenerative farming practices to regenerate farms, ecosystems, communities, and human health, understanding that all of these are interdependent.

What Is a Research Farm?

At Bondegaard, we invest a large percentage of our time and energy into experimenting with new and ancient techniques for regenerative farming and ranching. We are a Zero Fossil Fuel Farm and almost exclusively No-Till.

Support for our research comes from a variety of sources, including the produce we sell, the livestock groundskeeping we offer, research grants, and the very generous support of our partner operation Groennfell Meadery.

We are an Open Source farm; all of our research is made freely available through a variety of channels from YouTube to White Papers. We also sell a curated collection of books in our online bookstore.